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Authorized Website of

Ecclesia Babalon, International


A Gnostic Sacramental Community Devoted to the

divine manifestation

of Babalon

Know Thyself!


Ecclesia Babalon is a Sacramental and Esoteric Gnostic Society of Devotees to the Goddess Babalon.  We hold to the revelations given in Liber 49 and developed a praxis of sincerity.

We hold to the Creed as written by the Prophet Aleister Crowley, but remain an autocephalous Jurisdiction of practitioners who guard and revere the Consecratory lineage of Lucien Francois Jean Maine.

We advocate and embrace Thelemic Sacramentalism and have come to understand this happening in the occult world by the term Babalon Gnosis.  


We have traveled across the United States and can be found across the world. We are a Missionary society with a focus to bring the Divine Feminine to the forefront of the worlds Spiritual Paradigm. Won't you join us?


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