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Ecclesia Babalon, North America


A Gnostic Sacramental Community Devoted to the

divine manifestation

of Babalon

Know Thyself!


Ecclesia Babalon is an Amalgamated, Gnostic, and Sacramental Spiritual Order/Circle of devotees to the Thelemic egregoric manifestation known as Babalon. 

We are a middle path focusing on the  presence of the Holy Queen we recognize as Babalon and the manifested Chaos that rises from that association.

We emphasize sigil working as a common practice and the creation of a ritualized method of personal practice.  We recognize the subjective experience as being intrinsically valuable to the Personal practice as well as the good of the Order. 


Chaos and Devotion, we are dedicated to the Goddess Babalon and seek to immerse ourselves into the Gnostic State where we may commune with her presence.


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