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A Babalonian Litany;

Holy Mother Babalon, protect us.

Red Queen, protect us.

Mother of Abominations, protect us.

Holy Graal, protect us.

Queen of Dragons, protect us.

Lady of fire, protect us.

Mother of Passion, protect us.

Queen of Lust, Protect us.

Nectar of Pleasure, Protect us.

Wellspring of life, protect us.

Fertile earth, protect us.

Abode of visions, protect us.

Divine Sacrament, protect us.

Little Death, protect us.

Life creator, protect us.

Queen of Desire, protect us.

Mother of All, protect your children Who bow before your bejeweled feet,

Painted in the red of your Sacred Blood.

Life giving abode. We adore you.

As it was in the beginning, is now, ever shall be, Unto the Aeons upon Aeons.

So Mote it Be.

To understand the Aeonic Pantheon then you must realize that the Divine Current is so magnificent in scope, so absolutely outside of material conception, that even the subtlest gesture of such a divine source is seen as equally divine to the mind of Humanity.  There would be no discernible difference between the gesture of Divinity and Divinity in fullness as we would not have the faculties to discern.
As a result we see these emanatory energies (Energies That I simply refer to as Gods) as being contained within the divine Aeonic Pantheon.  A Pantheon that has reached out and spoken to Gnostics since the ancient days of our decentralized orders.

It was not until the revelations brought forth by the Prophet did we understand the Scope of the Divinity of Holy Babalon.  She is the Amalgamated resurrection of the great Holy Mother in the West that the Patriarchial systems have sought to eliminate through all manner of horrid mechanism.

Her Reign was confirmed through the Sacred words contained in Liber 49. 
A text which we hold as part of our scriptural canon.

In this Ecclesia our Approach toward Babalon is central.

  As the Prophet Amalgamated the technologies of the East through the proper formula, so we in our covenant have done the same and bring Bhakti awareness  into our devotional approach to our Holy Queen.  We are Formulaic and Sacramental as we see such display of Divine Theater to be of absolute sustinance to our Holy Mother who then allows us to feed from her.

"As the Gods eat our Prayers, so We eat the Gods."

That is our Maxim in this movement and it has seen to the spiritual awakening of many who have sought refuge in the embrace of our Ecclesia.

Therefore, our part of the Great Work is found in our devotional service to Babalon, to allow her time to be made manifest and work toward the repair of the world.

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