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Ecclesia Babalon, Canada


IN the North of our Continent is the home of Ecclesia Babalon, Canada.

Headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada, our most Northern Jurisdiction is under the careful guardianship of Archpriest, Shin Dumuzid.

Winnipeg is also home of the Motherhouse for the Northern Eparchy, The Abbey of the Flaming Sword.


The Abbey of the Flaming Sword is located in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba

A small Abbey devoted to the great Goddess Babalon that forwards the cause of Sacramental Theurgy and the devotion to the holy Mother.

The Abbey Not only teaches and represents the spiritual technology unique to Ecclesia Babalon. 

Shin Dumuzid is equally as influenced and informed by the entire spectrum of Thelemic Mysticism, Sacramental Thurgical Gnosticism,  Neoplatonic influence along with Bhakti sciences and Sufi devotional methodology.

We are beginning to truly gather in Canada, to build bonds of community and friendship, to bring about a culture of the Holy Mother.  We hope you join us in our Quest.

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