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We in Ecclesia Babalon are an Order of Degrees.  We found the initatic system to be of great benefit when handled appropriately, as these degrees do not have any merit or power when used inappropriately, when used appropriately they should show that you have worked deeply in the egregore of the Red Mother and that you are one who is willing to help guide and secure this freely associated Holy Order.

Our Degrees of Initiation were ultimately developed as a means of self progress

0° Neophyte (Prohibitionary/Associate)

(First Order)
1° Zelator (Frater/Soror) (The Fool)

2° Practicus (Temperance)

3° Adept (Reception of the Red Robe)

(Second Order -Order of the Pelican)

4° Adeptus Rose Croix (The Hermit)

5° Initiate of the Holy Royal Arch of King Solomon (Wheel of Fortune)

6° Magus (The Magician)

(Third Order - Order of the Scarlet Woman)

7° Magister Templi Gnosticus (The Chariot)

8° Pinceps Illustris Tabernaculi (Death)

(Order of the Royal Arch Purple)

9° Hierophant (The World)

(Hidden Order)

10° (Hidden even in name) 

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