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Devotional Writings


Hail Holy QUEEN

Hail Holy Queen,

Mother of plenty,

Our goddess, our strength, our hope.

To you we rejoice, your beloved children of Lilith!

To you we offer our devotion in this material realm.

Turn then, Most Holy Babalon, your eyes of adoration toward us. Lead us through our Exile until we return to the City of Pyramids.

Blessed is your womb heavenly Mother.


So Mote it be.

Universal Vow to the Holy Mother
-to be used by anyone for egregoric self initiation.-

Babalon, Queen of all concept,

I pledge my heart, mind and body to your service.

Holy Mother, who sits upon the ruby throne in the kingdom beyond the abyss, hear our prayer.

Allow me to dissipate into your divine chalice, into the sacred oblivion beyond death. Through such transcendental union, may I attain henosis.

Allow me the strength to fight the ragged Archons of the Demiurge, so malformed by their very creation.
With the spear of destiny I will strike at the power of the Demons who seek to subjugate your divine purpose.

Through my devotion to you, may I be cleansed of all illusion and grant me the fervor of zealots in defense of your majesty and the freedom of your children.

I take no God above you as of this moment.

Of this I make my perpetual vow.

My blood for your cup.

So Mote it Be.


A prayer to Babalon

Holy Mother, when I am weak, you are my strength.

The burden of my pilgrimage finds easement as I walk the Golden path to your Holy City.

When I am forgotten, it is you who remembers me.

When I am falling, you catch me.

When I am lost, my path is illuminated by your starlit crown.

In our world of sorrow, yours is the path of life.

For as the Prophet taught; to worship you is truly greater than all things.

Through your healing waters we are born and are destined to walk the realm of the material on the path of theosis, and look to our return.

Holy Mother of Mercy, omniscient and absolute, hear my prayer.

The Seven Drops

All Blood to the Blood Mother

You give your drops, and I'll give another.

7 more drops and the mind will hum,

156 more before we cum.

9 drops for the 3 new Lovers,

Who just kissed under the gold and red covers.

6 drops for the grumpy gate keepers,

Who hold their hands over their peepers.

7 drops for the deep abyss,

7 more for her divine kiss.

4 drops for the ethereal Gates,

9 more to honor the fates.

7 more for the


Shin, Who guard us from illusions din.

7 still are the Tau at work, Serving as the Mother's Clerk.

7 for the pilgrim's call As we watch the Archons tumble and fall. 

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