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There have been some that have asked my thoughts on the Thelemic essence, the 93 current and its manifestation. Unlike some, I don't consider Crowley the creator of Thelema, but he was without any reservation, the first of us to fully articulate this Egregore. He remains our most esteemed Prophet and the first of the Baphomet Lineage. He taught in many ways, one being through example as he continued to forward the sacramental and Devotional nature of the Magickal workings that he was undertaking. His travels, Vices and Virtues laid a blueprint for us to go forward and actually build the New Aeon he foresaw.

However, Do not confuse his vision or even words with the Current of Thelema itself, that is in truth far older than To Mega Therion's mere lifespan.

He and his first exploratory Acolytes knew that. What we had received was a renewal, and in this Holy Season we remember that renewal as it was given to us. The Prometheus of our Age, Aleister Crowley, a Priviledged Englishman who struggled with his own personal failings, was chosen as the vehicle in which to spread the words of the Holy Mother, and to bring about her Age.

To revive the true Egregore of Baphomet and release it from the Clutches of mere Humanity.

Many wonder where Ecclesia Babalon fits into all of this. How do we view Thelema, what is our "method" that we commonly refer to.

Ecclesia Babalon is a society of Practitioners who seek a devotional, mystical and personal relationship with the Egregoric essence of Babalon and Baphomet. We do this through an amalgamated practice with roots that touch; French Gnosticism, Old Catholicism, Thelema and Free Illuminism among others.

We are non sectarian, which means you can be a member of us and other folks, we ain't jealous. It is all the same thing anyway, but we do have a unique practice and culture developing within our society that is something not seen in Modern Thelema.

We are Theurgists practicing a Priestcraft of devotional, and sacramental Magick. We work toward that theurgic development of theosis with the Babalon and Baphomet energy, the energies of creation.

As the Gods Eat our Prayers, so we eat the Gods.

This is our way in Ecclesia Babalon. We worship the Mother, we are a Matriarchial Faith in that the Divine Feminine is seen as the progenitor energy of all creation. From that all things emerge, our own physical gestation is a microcosmic reflection of that divine cosmic reality.

We recognize that Crowley focused on working a Magickal System, and many of us are considered life long Magickal Practitioners by this stage of their lives, however, this is not a society of Magicians, this is an Ecclesia of Devotees.

A much different thing.

We don't rely on Fraternal activities or Spellworking and do not utilize degrees within the Ecclesia. We maintain, as all Sacramental Egregoric bodies do; the Gnostic Sacramental Holy Orders, given in true and Valid method.

It is of no concern what your Ritual acumen is, or how well you can quote the prophets many words, we seek hearts that are open to the loving awareness that devotional behavior can bring about in ones life.

We have a vision of a society that chooses to walk forward into the New Aeon with the reality that this means our ways and traditions will begin to vary with its growth. This should be celebrated.

While understanding this, we also choose to engage in leaving a fingerprint of our Esoteric existence. Ecclesia Babalon seeks to become a generational Spiritual Society, not a magickal institution.

This path is not for everyone, but it is a path open to everyone, and will always be offered freely , ready to tell you;
Welcome home.

From Lead to Gold Through Body and Blood.

+Meinrad Nahash, OA, OSN

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