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The Landmark Affirmations
of Ecclesia Babalon


Affirmations of Faith

Affirmation of the Creed. Members of Ecclesia Babalon profess and adhere to the Ecclesia’s own Gnostic Creed. In order to join the Ecclesia’s first Circle, Children of Earth, aspirants complete a 77-day Call to Babalon, then read or recite the Creed before any member of the second or third Circles.

Affirmation of Holy Orders. Priesthood in the Ecclesia is not bestowed upon members, but rather is this body’s recognition of a member’s own will and calling to serve the Great Mother. Initiation represents the beginning of the clerical journey of study and formal contribution to the egregore, rather than the culmination of the priestx’s work.
Members of the Children of Earth who wish to devote themselves to The Scarlet Woman through work may enter the Ecclesia’s priestly second Circle, The Lovers. Priestx are given the title Shin. After at least one year of membership in the second Circle, priestx may choose to join the third Circle, The Hermits. These members are charged with the keeping of the Ecclesia’s lineage and tending to the administrative functions of the Ecclesia. Members of The Hermit Circle take the title Tau.

Affirmation of Circles. The Ecclesia does not confer degrees or levels upon its members. Instead, members seek the Circle that most aligns with their unique callings. We use the term Circles to emphasize the collaborative, egalitarian, and interdependent spirit of the Ecclesia; we intentionally chose a power-sharing, rather than hierarchical, internal structure. The first, second, and third Circles carry out different functions to organize the work of the Ecclesia most efficiently; they are not expressions of power or domination. Each circle is interdependent and absolutely critical to the egregore and the function of the body. 

Affirmation of the divinity of the whore. Without The One Who Receives All and Denies None, there is no place for the future to grow, nor for the past to retire. Babalon is the active feminine principle that illuminates receiving as a definite act rather than a passivity. That which receives is necessarily severe in that it holds, shapes, and limits. We acknowledge, cherish, and lead from this power of the divine feminine to bring form to force. We further acknowledge that ownership and control of one’s own personal power, including sexual energy, monetary energy, time, attention, and access, is a hallmark of the empowered individual, and is to be pursued vigorously.


Affirmation of the multiplicity of path. The Holy Mother has as many faces as She has children. All names for Her are valid. All the Blessings of All the Holy Mothers rest within the Egregore of Babalon. 

Affirmation of the Thelemic tradition. We accept the Book of The Law, Liber 49 and other Class A Thelemic texts as sacred, and we regard Aleister Crowley as a prophet of spiritual insight, while simultaneously holding the paradox of Aleister Crowley’s many shortcomings and flaws. We choose to preserve his teachings and the human spiritual technologies they inspired, while seeing his shortcomings as a lesson of what NOT to do.  Aleister Crowley was a man while he lived; like all of us, his life was a journey of learning and reaching for enlightenment, not a testament of perfection.

Affirmation of the alchemy of the spirit. The human spirit is refined and made authentic via a series of internal separations, clarifications, and amalgamations commonly referred to in the occult world as the alchemical process. Spiritual seekers are charged with self-investigation, purification of psychological toxins, clarification of individual purpose or will, and the assembling of the new aeonic self. This process naturally induces the understanding of the non-dual and paradoxical nature of the universe, and the understanding of one’s place in it.

Affirmation of the primacy of personal revelation. The foundation of the Babalonic egregore rests on the spiritual and mystical experiences of individuals. We reject any assertion that any person must have a human mediator or advocate with the divine. Each and every human is equipped and capable of accessing and connecting with divine source. We deeply value independence and personal authority in spiritual practice, and we respect the self-gnosis gained from spiritual devotion.


Affirmations of Values

The affirmation of the feminist, intersectional nature of the Ecclesia. As a manifestation of the Dark Mother, the Ecclesia inherently approaches the world from a position of passionate, loving acceptance and radical inclusion of all people.
We recognize that we as being with Divine thought, keenly are aware of the trials brought forth by Malkuth differently yet are all on the holy journey of the human experience; each human experience is a valid and sacred manifestation of the divine experiencing itself. Therefore, we advocate for equality, justice, and inclusion for all people, especially historically abused, marginalized, and oppressed people.

Affirmation of the preference of unity over division. All individuals are allowed full membership in the Ecclesia without regard to race, gender, spiritual path, language, sexuality, or ethnicity. We value all people as expressions of the divine; however, we are not able to accommodate those who abuse or harm others, nor those who sew or advocate for divisiveness and oppression among humanity within the Ecclesia.

Affirmation of the human right to love. We support the LGBTQIA+ community and Identity. We cherish and support all forms of love, marriage, and relationship between consenting adults of any configuration.

Affirmation of personal and bodily autonomy of the individual. Ownership and control of one’s own personality, energy, actions, emotions, effort, attention, knowledge, body, thoughts, and will is absolute. With this authority also comes responsibility for the impacts and consequences of our choices, including responsibility to our community and society at-large. Privacy and Autonomy are the cornerstones of Liberty.

Affirmation of the richness of diversity. Because every man and every woman is a star, each human experience contributes to the divine order and necessary chaos of the universe. With the exception of those who seek to divide, dominate, or harm, the Ecclesia welcomes and is grateful for the full range of human experience, gifts, and expressions.

Affirmation of safety and protection. Members of the Ecclesia are entitled to spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical safety within this organization. The Ecclesia will protect and defend its members first and foremost.


Affirmations of Order

Affirmation of collective power. Power is shared among all members of the Ecclesia, and we emphasize the importance of connection and collaboration in all we do. The Ecclesia can be described as a flat organization, in which members are held with equal positive regard, decisions are made collectively, and there are as few levels of power and responsibility as possible.

Affirmation of the autonomy of covens. All second and third Circle members are welcomed and encouraged to lead their own covens in our tradition as well as the Regional Covens we gather into for Administrative purpose and function. Covens who profess the Ecclesia’s Creed are welcome to freely unite under the canopy of Ecclesia Babalon. Other than adhering to these Affirmations, Ecclesia Babalon makes no demands on rites, rituals, practices, or leadership of covens under our umbrella.

Affirmation of theurgy and the renewal of priestcraft. We recognize our members as theurgists in their own right. Among our second and third circles, we seek to create and promulgate a priestcraft that is participatory and ceremonially, chaotically, and devotionally sound.


Affirmation of the sacred lineage of Ecclesia Babalon. The Ecclesia’s lineage is Gnostic Sacramental, Hermetic, Thelemic, and Free Illuminist; clergy members of the Ecclesia share initiatic roots with clergy from a variety of magickal and sacramental faiths, and each one is revered. Our practices are bhaktic, devotional, and sacramental in nature, and our purpose is to support of the manifestation of the Babalonic egregore on earth. We are an amalgamated church of Light, Life, Love, and Liberty.

Affirmation of progressive revelation. In any long-term, earnest spiritual practice, understanding evolves over time, and Ecclesia Babalon is no different in this regard. We expect community change as a natural by-product of a living, thoughtful faith shared across generations, languages, locations, and cultures.

Affirmation of complete consecration of the Earth. The ultimate goal of the work of the Ecclesia is to achieve complete consecration of the Earth, wherein all people deeply integrate the wisdom of their own divinity and therefore recognize divinity in all other beings on the planet. We seek to eradicate the guilt, shame, and fears that keep humanity divided, categorized, and separated. We work to dismantle systems and beliefs that create human stratification and hierarchy and prevents people from realizing their own potential and sacredness.

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