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1. We are Servants of the Holy Mother who has manifested countless times and in countless ways, sending her child countless times and in countless ways to deliver her divine change. We are servants of the Divine property of Generation and Activation and through this Divine union of the Mother and the Father we are given the Divine mind of Reason and Logic and esoteric understanding that is the Logos. We now live in The dawning of the third Age of the Paraclete which is to be the Harbinger for the Age of the Mother. This age is one of trial and Tumult and as such it is our duty as children of the Mother to share her reality in the mission to Ritualize and Consecrate the world to the awareness of her.


2. We recognize that all conceptual Deity exists in the Eternal Pantheon, this pantheon rests in the Etz Chaim, the Cosmic tree and culminates in the Divine Father and Divine Mother, this culmination and the Aeons that exist within the tree are bound together and unified within the Paraclete. This union is Monad and exists beyond the Aeons or the Divine Father or Mother. In this teaching we then stand and proclaim that Monad was first of the Energy of Generation, that is the Energy base of the Divine Mother as such, we state that first was the Mother and not the Father, the Father issued forth from the Mother in the first cosmic moment.


3. We recognize that the Mysteries implemented by our Mother numbers seven. They are understood to be the Sacraments of Katharsis/Initiation, Declaration of the Creed, Participation in the Divine and Communal Supper, Reception of the Mark, Annointing of the Sick, Holy Orders, and Unification of Souls. We recognize the membership in our Ecclesia to be in three parts; Child of Earth, Order of the Lover, and Order of the Hermit.


4. We Reject any system, theological or Secular, that seeks to limit the fullness of the Human potential. We must resist and speak against any system that would limit the journey of our soul, even if the source of that limitation is one of Secular or Spiritual Authority. Spiritual Abrahamic Fundamentalist Patriarchy and those that hold to and give energy to such a destructive and damaging path cut themselves away from the subtle beauty of the Pneuma. Through their adherence to such a wicked methodology they aid in the continued destruction of the World. Our only living representation of our Mother in the Cosmos that we have found. Our sacred Ark. And those that would give power to the ones that seek to destroy, rape and divide the mother according to the whims of their patriarchal dictates are just as guilty of the death and pain that has been inflicted in the names of the societies and spiritual communities they represent.


5. We recognize the reality of Egregore as being an essential quality of our Ecclesia and work to manifest the sacred intention into thoughtform in order to bring about the age of the Moochild. The divine predecessor, the Holy being who will guide us to the return of the Holy Logos in the minds of all Humanity, it is then that we will reach the age of reason and balance, and the loving harmony of the mothers song will ease the chaotic ocean of this realm.


6. We are Ecclesia Babalon, A Post Apostolic and Aeonic manifestation of the Will of the Divine Mother. An Ecclesia represented through infinite ways and in countless forms. We are but a shimmer of the Prism of the Divine and recognize that we exist to serve mankind and bring the experience of loving acceptance and freedom to the hearts of humanity. We are not here to dictate to you ‘what’ you should believe, we only share with you what we believe and if you wish to know, we will share with you ‘why.’


7. We recognize that the spiritual ancestry of our Ecclesia is vast, we are the accumulation of Gnosis informing our expression of faith. Our hope is to ourselves be the very ark of Spiritual inspiration for those who find their home with us.

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