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Our Ecclesia



We are a Society of Goddess Minded Clerics, Theurgists, Devotees, Students, etc. 
We do not shy away from the peculiarity of our craft or the study of it, but it is our desire to dive into Esoteric and Hermetic Practice WITHOUT BOUNDRY and be able to experience the fullness of what our Gnostic Potential can be in this Incarnation.


We are an Ecclesia, in that we are bound to the emanation of our egregoric focus of devotion.  We are an occult order in that our Rituals, Rites and teachings are reserved for those who seek deeper membership and desire to take on the work of developing your connection with Holy BABALON.

We are Thelemic, and Gnostic, but do not represent or feel represented by either Thelema or Gnosticism.
We are something different, but manifest and present in the world.
We are the Lineage bearers of the Black Serpent, Tau Lucien Francois Jean Main.
We have traveled back and forth across this country and even the world in order to do our part in the great work!




We are an Ecclesia that recognizes the reality of Chaos and it is our view that one should become adjusted and accustomed to this unique quality of divine energy.  In truth the path of Free Illuminism is one of illumination through Chaos of free form.  While the nature and nuance of those methods are up to the individual and may containe ritualized and forumulaic elements, understand that it is at the absolute freedom of discresion of the practitioner.  
We recognize the otherworld, come and travel with us.

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