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• In Ecclesia Babalon we reject the idea of “original sin”. •This Sacrament calls for contact with the Divine through Our Lady Babalon - that "where all are begotten, and where all will rest." Thus our self initiatory "call to Babalon" is our entry way into sacramental life within our methodology.



•The creed is a statement of the Ecclesia's shared beliefs through a declared formula that summarizes the fundamental principles of our community.

•Those who declare the Creed binds to our Egregoric principles . This expression must be made with the free will of the Devotee. UNIFICATION OF SOULS

• In Ecclesia Babalon the Union of Souls represents “Love under Will”, a magical expression of the divine process that continually creates the Universe.


• The purpose of this sacrament is to comfort those who are in need of spiritual or material support.

• For those who are about to leave their life, this sacrament can be used to help the individual to free themselves from any obstructions or shackles that might impede a free and peaceful death, so that they can obtain the final realization of their individual True Wills. , "whether they are absorbed in the Infinite, or join their chosen and preferred ones, or are in contemplation, or in peace, or carry out the work and heroism of incarnation on this planet or another, or on any star, or any other thing. "


• Ecclesia Babalon recognizes Gnosis is free and available to everyone. • The Path of Ordination is for those who seek to follow the path already taken by the Masters of the Past, Saints who shed their blood in the cup of Our Lady Babalon. Those who worshiped and manifested glory of Wisdom and Understanding among beings and who seek theosis through the transcendental Dissolution of the ego.

• They who receive the Ordination work to ensure that this knowledge is continued from generation to generation.


• This sacrament of the reception of our Sacred mark, a vertical stripe of red or black that is worn beginning between the eyes and upward represents the "process of seeking perfection of mindful intention."

A sacred confirmation of the devotees place upon the path. This is our Mark. Its origins involve both my initiation into the shaivite/Shakti traditions as a means of going deeper into Crowleys own journey into the Shakti current.

With the permission of my initiating teacher in our lineage, the mark was incorporated into the spiritual technology of this community.
This mark sets us apart in both the gnostic sacramental and thelemic communities. The mark can be worn by any devotee no matter their status as members and wishes to incorporate that technology into your personal practice.

Even if not able to have a Priest/ess/ex apply the mark, your devotion is all that is needed to wear the mark. You may then receive the ritual of the mark from a Priest/ess/ex at the first opportunity. You may use, berries, palm ash, kumkum powder, cannabis ash, vibhuti ash, oil, or water if you cannot have a visible mark due to personal needs.



• The Eucharist represents the communion of matter and Spirit.

• As it has been said "One of the simplest and most complete magical ceremonies is the Eucharist." It consists in taking common species, such as Bread and Pomengranate Juice and transmuting them into divine elements, portions of the gods themselves which we consume.

• Essentially, the Eucharistic Mass ritual in its most basic form involves the transmutation of material into divine substance that is consumed, filling the theurgist with the current and eventually leading the communicator to become God

("God manifested in the flesh will be your name")

This process is how we approach Theosis.

"As the Gods Eat our Prayers, so We eat the Gods." 


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