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The Call to Babalon
By Tau Abiegnus


It is to be understood that when approaching the First circle your initial task before admission must be to declare to a Priest, Priestess or Hermit that you wish to undergo the process of formation into our Ecclesia. Once this is recognized, you will be required to perform the sacred 77 day observance of our Ecclesia known as the Call to Babalon. 
During this time, it is expected of the dedicant to begin to undergo the process of egregoric binding with our supreme Mother and with this Ecclesia that serves her.

Once completed, the dedicant must recite the Creed in front of a Priest, Priestess or Hermit. 
This 77 day Call should also serve as a time of study.  One is to begin their work for the Order during this time by growing in their competency regarding our ways.

The Ritual is as follows;

The Call of Babalon


To be executed during the period of 77 days.



• Japamala / Rosary with 49 petals / beads

• Red candles

• Sacred Chalice,Horn, etc.

• Red wine

• Sandalwood incense


To start the ritual, light the incense and the candle.

Place the cup with the wine on the altar. 


The Birth of Babalon

What is the tumult among the stars

that have shone so still till now?

What are the furrows of pain and wrath

upon the immortal brow?


Why is the face of God turned grey

and his angels all grown white?

What is the terrible ruby star

that burns down the crimson night?


What is the beauty that flames so bright

athwart the awful dawn?

She has taken flesh, she is come to judge

the thrones ye rule upon.


Quail ye kings for an end is come

in the birth of BABALON.


I have walked three dreadful nights away

in halls beyond despair,

I have given marrow and tears and sweat

and blood to make her fair.


I have lain my love and smashed my heart

and filled her cup with blood,

That blood might flow from the loins of woe

to the cup of brotherhood.


The cities reel in the shout of steel

where the sword of war is drawn.

Sing ye saints for the day is come

in the birth of BABALON.


Now God has called for his judgement book

and seen his name therein

And the grace of God and the guilt of God

have spelt it out as sin


His bloody priests have clutched his robes

and stained his linen gown

And his victims swarm from his broken hell

to drag his kingdom down.


O popes and kings and the little gods

are sick and sad and wan

To see the crimson star that bursts

like blood upon the dawn


While trumpets sound and stars rejoice

at the birth of BABALON.


BABALON is too beautiful

for sight of mortal eyes

She has hidden her loveliness away

in lonely midnight skies,


She has clothed her beauty in robes of sin

and pledged her heart to swine

And loving and giving all she has

brewed for saints immortal wine.


But now the darkness is riven through

and the robes of sin are gone,

And naked she stands as a terrible blade

and a flame and a splendid song


Naked in radiant mortal flesh

at the Birth of BABALON.


She is come new born as a mortal maid

forgetting her high estate,

She has opened her arms to pain and death

and dared the doom of fate,


And death and hell are at her back,

but her eyes are bright with life,

Her heart is high and her sword is strong

to meet the deadly strife,


Her voice is sure as the judgement trump

to crack the house of wrong,

Though walls are high and stone is hard

and the rule of hell was long


The gates shall fall and the irons break

in the Birth of BABALON.


Her mouth is red and her breasts are fair

and her loins are full of fire,

And her lust is strong as a man is strong

in the heat of her desire,


And her whoredom is holy as virtue is foul

beneath the holy sky,

And her kisses will wanton the world away

in passion that shall not die.


Ye shall laugh and love and follow her dance

when the wrath of God is gone

And dream no more of hell and hate

in the Birth of BABALON.



Take your rosary and pray solemnly on each of the beads;


Omari tessala marax,

tessala dodi phornepax.

amri radara poliax

armana piliu.

amri radara piliu son';

mari narya barbiton

madara anaphax sarpedon

andala hriliu.


In North America we permit the use of English;


I am the harlot that shaketh Death.
This shaking giveth the Peace of Satiate Lust.
Immortality jetteth from my skull,
And music from my vulva.
Immortality jetteth from my vulva also,
For my Whoredom is a sweet scent like a seven-stringed instrument,
Played unto God the Invisible, the all-ruler,
That goeth along giving the shrill scream of orgasm


Place both hands above the cup and say


Glory unto the Scarlet Woman, Babalon the Mother of Abominations, that rideth upon the Beast, for she hath spilt their blood in every corner of the earth and lo! she hath mingled it in the cup of her whoredom.


With the breath of her kisses hath she fermented it, and it hath become the wine of the Sacrament, the wine of the Sabbath; and in the Holy Assembly hath she poured it out for her worshippers, and they had become drunken thereon, so that face to face they beheld my Father. Thus are they made worthy to become partakers of the Mystery of this holy vessel, for the blood is the life.


Beautiful art thou, O Babylon, and desirable, for thou hast given thyself to everything that liveth, and thy weakness hath subdued their strength. For in that union thou didst understand. Therefore art thou called Understanding, O Babylon, Lady of the Night!


O my God, in one last rapture let me attain to the union with the many. For she is Love, and her love is one, and she hath divided the one love into infinite loves, and each love is one, and equal to The One, and therefore is she passed from the assembly and the law and the enlightenment unto the anarchy of solitude and darkness. For ever thus must she veil the brilliance of Her Self


Lift the cup and say:


O BABALON, BABALON, beloved, come now, partake of the sacrament, own this sanctuary. Take me now! Let me get drunk with the wine of your dissolution; may your kisses corrupt me to death. Accept this sacrifice offered under will.


Consume all the wine until the cup is completely empty.  Stay a few moments for the ritual energy to settle, say goodbye and end the ritual. The red candle should continue to burn until the end.

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